mit stage actions, happenings and performances. The artists intervene as a group in different sites and social contexts of the art system. mit is particularly interested in the interface of the art system and society. At the core of their artistic practice is an examination of social behaviour. By departing from conventional forms of social interaction, mit realize actions that undermine rules in a playful way and question typical behavioural patterns. Viewers are turned into active participants of such actions.
Actions by mit are always related to a specific site and social context. According to each intervention either verbal or non-verbal forms of communication are explored and the happenings or performances foreground visual, spatial or acoustic elements. Projects of mit take place in public and private spaces and are aimed at a public of diverse backgrounds.

mit have been working as a collaborative group in changing formations since February 2000 until summer 2009. mit were: Françoise Caraco, Teresa Chen, Klodin Erb, Gabriela Frei, Nica Giuliani, Co Gründler, Andrea Gsell, Sabine Hagmann, Susanne Hofer, Regula Michell, Gabriele Rérat, Eliane Rutishauser, Karoline Schreiber, Karin Schwarzbek, Vreni Spieser, Mirjam Staub, Alessandra Tavernini, Theres Waeckerlin, Meret Wandeler, Agatha Zobrist, Hanna Züllig.

This website archives the actions from 2000-2008.